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So Who Won?
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Bavon vs Falco
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As some may know, Falco and I get into some pretty serious talks about who is better (clearly me)

I have saved this... debate..... and now you can decide!!!!!

ROUND 1!!!!!!!

*Bavon currently playing L4D2*

falc`: why do you continue to play that game when you're just awful at it
falc`: do what you did when you found out you were bad at csgo and quit
Bavon: csgo had an issue with weapons
Bavon: and im amazing at L4D2
falc`: pfff
Bavon: you just jelly
falc`: i used to wreck you hard in csgo
falc`: still could
Bavon: no you wont
Bavon: i refuse to play that crap
falc`: same in l4d2
falc`: i used to own you in that
falc`: still could
falc`: even though i havent played it in months
falc`: and we both know you were a scrub in urt
Bavon: im a pro at UrT
falc`: pfff
Bavon: thats why you dont play it recently
Bavon: you fear my skill
falc`: LOL
Bavon: you heard the rumours.... they are true
falc`: i just got asked a week ago to play on team usa even though i havent played in months
falc`: because they knew
falc`: i was a beast
falc`: did you get invited to team australia?
falc`: oh wait you didnt
falc`: because youre a scrub
Bavon: they know i would just make them look bad, us winning 36-0
Bavon: them having next to no kills
falc`: yea they would have 3 or 4 while you have -5
Bavon: you talkin about the enemy team there
falc`: im def not
Bavon: you def wrong then
Bavon: im the king of all the PC games
falc`: pff
falc`: they only thing you are good at is bl2 and thats because there is pretty much no recoil
falc`: but if we had same level characters in that then i would wreck you
Bavon: keep dreaming
Bavon: last time you beat me in a game.... oh wait i cant remember it was so long ago
Bavon: trying to remember if it even haopened
falc`: last time we played it was urt and i destroyed you
Bavon: that doesnt sound like something you are cabable of
falc`: pff you wish
Bavon: "pff" is that all you can think off with that terrible gamer brain of yours?
falc`: i could kill you 5 times in one clip in urt
Bavon: when i stand still yeah
falc`: youre movement is pretty much standing still
falc`: you're slower than girt
Bavon: only because i let you win
Bavon: now hang on
Bavon: you take that back
Bavon: i aint that fat
falc`: yep
falc`: you
falc`: are
falc`: almost as fat as zephyr
Bavon: WOAH
Bavon: He so fat he cant move out of AFK channel in TS3
falc`: my point
Bavon: oh.....
Bavon: i feel..... hurt
Bavon: because for someone who talks alot of shit
Bavon: i was hoping it would be better quality then that
falc`: shit it was better quality than your aim or movement in urt l4d2 or csgo
falc`: AND EVEN KF
Bavon: you never even saw me play csgo
falc`: i did once
falc`: wasnt impressed
Bavon: that was before i unleashed my full potential
falc`: lol k
falc`: whatever rjc
Bavon: and as for KF.......... you suck
Bavon: you're so bad that Sha doesnt want to assocciate himself with you
Bavon: yeah, i guess you've gone to pour cool aid all over that great ass burn you got there..... delivered from me!!
Bavon: <Bavon Wins>
Bavon: Bavon > Falco
falc` is now Away.

(probs to cool down from the roast)

Who won!??!?!

(There will be a round 2)
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apparently Falco wins 3:2 at the moment...... I can't see how, he totally sucks, all he did was derail my argument with facts