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Urban Terror Map Download Repository

Map NameMap File NameFile Size# HITSGET MAP
ut4 beijing b3ut4_beijing_b3.pk324.48MB357Download
ut4 cambridge fixedut4_cambridge_fixed.pk34.47MB401Download
ut4 dust2 v2ut4_dust2_v2.pk36.2MB406Download
ut4 facade b5ut4_facade_b5.pk330.41MB310Download
ut4 kingdom rc6ut4_kingdom_rc6.pk312.65MB336Download
ut4 orbital slut4_orbital_sl.pk314.93MB364Download
ut4 tohunga b10ut4_tohunga_b10.pk318.31MB290Download
ut4 tohunga b8ut4_tohunga_b8.pk317.7MB668Download