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News, Updates & Announcements

Latest updates and changes v1.2
16 July 2014
To keep you guys up to date on any changes, features added or improved upon I shall be sure to let them be known here. Lots of cool stuff to report on in this update, so check it out!
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Bug fixes, Security measures and general site improvements
13 July 2014
As some of the 6th members have been wrecking checking the site over the last few days, lots of bugs found, reported and some major screw ups on my part. More news inside of what has been fixed, whats changed and news of security improvements at Clan 6th!
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Registered on the old site? Password no worky? Here is why
11 July 2014
We have attempted to port all users from the database used for the old site into the new one which we have done with moderate success. As passwords are encrypted differently on this new site (which does NOT use the old, tired and insecure md5 methods) and require individual salts for users login, you will more than likely find that your password no longer works. Read more to find out what to do.
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