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Clan 6th FloorCurrent Roster

Clan 6th is one of the oldest clans and communities since the dawn of Urban Terror. The list presented to you below is our current member roster which does not include those players who were with us at one time but nolonger play the game. Please click the Tribute Members link above-right to view players who at one time or another were with Clan 6th Floor.

Member NameLocationUrT AuthJoinedScrimPubCaptBossActive
0schSweden0schoo5th March 2014
2DarkCanada2Dark24th June 2014
6thXsmoKerUnited States6thXsmoKer22nd July 2014
alcapwnNot yet setNot yet set5th February 2014
Anomaly!United Statesanomaly7th February 2014
AnsisassColombiaansisas26th August 2014
BavonAustraliabavon14th July 2014
billyUnited Statestacos31st August 2005
Binge&GrabNot yet setNot yet set10th October 2011
boner420United Statesboner42015th July 2014
BUGAustraliathebug6th February 2014
CarracoloFranceCarracolo18th February 2014
CarterUnited StatesCarter24th August 2014
ClearCanadaclear20th June 2014
CriSPyYUnited Statescrisspy25th April 2014
DoobiesNBoobiesUnited StatesPuff9th January 2015
falcoUnited Statesfalco2nd March 2014
fallacyUnited Statesfallacy17th June 2014
FlotekTaiwanFlotek31st July 2014
Focused LobsterUnited StatesNone6th December 2014
fonducciUnited Statesfonducci4th February 2014
GanjaGuyUnited Statesganjaguy10th July 2011
GatsbyUnited Statesjaygatz16th July 2014
GeroniNot yet setNot yet set17th May 2014
GirtUnited Statesgirt15th July 2014
GlockZaireglock4th February 2014
gravyUnited Statesgravy3rd March 2014
GrimUnited StatesGrim6th March 2014
hasheeshUnited Stateshasheesh11th September 2014
hollahCanadahollah20th October 2014
hovaUnited Stateshova31st August 2014
JaSoNChinaswaginacup23rd May 2014
KeelaUnited StatesKeela3rd January 2015
kermitdfrogCanadakermitdfrog5th February 2014
KniteUnited StatesKnite15th September 2014
LimitNot yet setNot yet set25th June 2014
MischiefUnited StatesMischief5th January 2015
nikkerzUnited Statesnikki30th January 2014
OHMEGAUnited States minor outlying islandsohmega29th August 2014
Ot3pCanadaacadiegurl9th September 2014
PancakeKingTreeUnited StatesPancakekingtree22nd July 2014
ParTheCowUnited Statesparcow16th July 2014
REAPERUnited Statesreaper919th July 2014
ReigN*United Statesreign5th May 2014
russaUnited Statesrussa10th May 2006
ShroomlegacyNot yet setNot yet set4th September 2010
ShRoOmSleGeNDUnited StatesShroomslegend12th February 2014
sternUnited StatesSternFan30th December 2004
SupaUnited Statessupa26th July 2014
tampeeJamaicatampee31st October 2005
TheOld1Not yet setNot yet set20th January 2014
thugl1feUnited Statesthugl1fe19th February 2014
ToumaVenezuelatouma2nd March 2014
WedleUnited StatesNA11th March 2015
xuruRussian Federationxuru14th July 2014
yahooUnited Statesyahoo24th August 2014
YouBleedRedAustralia6th|YouBleedRed28th January 2014