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Gatsby26th Apr @ 09:08Is urt back?! Shock--------------
boner42021st Apr @ 19:42anybody here?--------------
boner42029th Nov @ 01:48High--------------
GanjaGuy29th Aug @ 00:41{:{D--------------
stern2nd Jul @ 00:28Hey now!! Hope everyone has a safe and happy 4th!!!--------------
Ansisass19th Jun @ 19:01Hey my friends Grin--------------
tampee23rd May @ 15:03COME PLAY OVERWATCH TONIGHT !--------------
russa6th May @ 18:07Sup hard on.--------------
boner4206th May @ 16:35high everybody--------------
tampee28th Apr @ 13:21SSL is fixed !--------------
Bavon11th Apr @ 02:38Happy B'Day Keela Grin--------------
Glock22nd Mar @ 00:02happy bday mischief!--------------
Glock22nd Mar @ 00:01is this thing on?--------------
Bavon2nd Mar @ 23:33ty babe Grin <3--------------
russa2nd Mar @ 18:19Sorry Bavon, been busy, video is fine.--------------
boner4201st Mar @ 17:54BoneYard is back if anybody wants to play /connect
Bavon1st Mar @ 16:49Times up russ, I'm uploading Walling to Youtube Grin (let me know if you don't want it up)--------------
Bavon1st Mar @ 07:36ok russ, you have 8 hours, then i'm posting and @boner Only BongsNDongs--------------
boner42027th Feb @ 11:32does 6th still have a urban terror server?--------------
Bavon24th Feb @ 22:44Russ Russ! I need to talk to you--------------